Can you fail a drug test taking tramadol?


Ive been prescibed Tramadol for months due to back pain. My doctor said it's non narcotic. Anyone with knowledge about this?


Tramadol is an opioid and certain tests will flag it as such. New more advanced tests will recognize Tramadol due to the fact that the DEA is making it known that Tramadol is being abused more then ever over the past few years. The previous answer was correct when she said she passed but there are several kinds of tests. Basic urine tests may not reveal Tramadol because it is a weak opioid but some newer more advanced tests do. It is really a crap shoot. I hope its not from a parole officer because I have heard of people getting popped for Trams. Here is some info. that they read concerning Tramadol and how they acknowledge its abuse check this page out...Actually, you are very wrong. There are certain tests done by companies that test for specific drugs in additional to the usual 9-panel drug test. Most companies call this a Health Professions Panel, as they are specifically testing for drugs that health care professionals have easy access to. Go to and look at their Health Prof Panel Drug test. It lists tramadol as one of the drugs tested for at a detection level of 200ng/ml. You should check your facts before


No, tramadol will not make you fail on a drug test...


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