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i found this yellow capsule pill with the imprints of 300 mg / IG322 does anyone know what it is ?
What is in this pill, and where can i find some info about it online. And dont just give me a website like pill identifier i looked everywhere, and couldnt find it. It is a whit, round pill. Andrx 642, watson 500.

My gradma has a pill that says andrx 642 on one side, and on the other side it says watson 500.?
To better explain, I had another question I have asked on the same subect, but I havent got any info as to where to find a lab to test the pills. Here is the earlier posted question, as well as one answer I got that I found to be the most helpful. ---""Your Open QuestionShow me another » I need to have pills tested?I recently found my child with pills in his room. I dont know what they are, because he has taken sand paper to the numbers on the pill to erase all identification. Is there anyway I could have a lab or someone test these pill to find out exactly what they are? If so, how much would this cost, and who would I go to?20 hours ago - 3 days left to answer. Additional DetailsI've tried the pill identifier, but it did not work. A friend was telling me that he has heard of people having pills and ect. tested in a lab for exact results.16 hours agoI have gotten a tip from a neighbor whom I showed the pill and he siad that he thought it might be steroids. I would assume that I could have a lab test it for this, specifically, but where can I find a lab to test this pill?Answer from another person...You would have to ask the lab to test it for being a certain drug -- you would say "test for benzo, opioid, SSRI, Adderall, Ritalin, ..." and each separate test would be $100, more or less. If they all came up "no" you would not have an answer and you'd still be out the money.I understand your desire to control the situation, and knowing the composition of that drug is an understandable part of that desire, but is that where you want to focus your energy and money? Let me ask you this: What's your ultimate goal? To find out if your kid is actually taking drugs and to get him off them, right? Let me suggest that you take that several hundred dollars and put it toward some drug counseling.It's possible that your kid sanded the numbers off the pills but that's pretty hardcore. Consider the possibility that he bought them from someone with the IDs already sanded off.Bear in mind that owning pills is not the same as taking them, and taking them is not the same as being strung out on them. (And owning them to sell is not the same thing as owning them to take.) If you and your kid are lucky, he's not addicted to them. If you know your kid pretty well and spend time around him, you would have noticed a drug-mediated behavior change if he was addicted.Obviously I have no idea what your kid's academic situation is, but there are more and more smart, ambitious kids out there who are taking drugs like Provigil and Adderall to stay awake and alert to work more hours. As a society (parents, teachers, schools, the job market) we have created that particular monster.2 hours agoif I do find a lab to send this to, or take him to the police, could he be arrested?

Where can I find a lab to test pills that i've found?
I found a hot pink colored pill that has imprint on one side 93 and on the other it is 068. I looked on pill identifier and cant find it at all. Can anyone help me here with what this could possibly be?

Found a pill but cant find it on Pill Identifier?
I found a pill on the floor, lets get to the point, I though it was ma bey Ecstasy.. But then I went onto the Pill identifier and searched. I could not identify it. Its a white round pill with the markings "ST" on the front and on the back it says "Cisa_5".. There are two of them, and theres a bigger pill about 1x bigger, and it just has a round circle in the middle.

I found a pill on the floor and i'm confused to what pill it is?
I just got 2 prescriptions for some dental work i had done, one for Amoxicillin and another for hydrocodone. my mom says there was a mix up at the pharmacy, and the amoxicillin pills look like hydrocodone. I ran the pill on drugs.com pill identifier, and it turned up as a match for hydrocodone. Can this happen.the imprint says Watson 349

Can pills accidentally be made to look the same?
Its white and round. on one side there is a line and a 10 P and on the other side there is a 10.....found a whole bottle with no tag in my boyfriends dresser. What could this be? Illegal drugs? help plz..i tried a pill identifier web site but no luck!! What do you think this sounds like. It looks to be generic.

I need help identifying a pill!?
& I can't find any info on it on any pill identifier or anythig.. Anyone happen to know what it is??Thanks. :D-Brittits almost capsul-ish shaped..

I found a little green & pink pill in my couch that is imprinted Ben ASH...?
i have looked on every pill identifiers online, and cannot find out what it is. its round and white with 323 on one side, and nothing on the other side. its not scored either. someone please help me! i found this in my sisters room, and i want to know what it is.

What is this round white pill with 323 on it?
The pill is red and round. It is completely unmarked. It is hard to break and has a sorta rough exterior. I know the pill is not one of those tripple c

I found a red pill in my sons room. The pill is unmarked.I've tried pill identifiers but no answers. Plz he?
On my kids desk was a random pill, its white, round and has the imprint GG 166. I had looked it up on pill identifier but all i got was some pottassium pill and knowing my teen thats not what it is. So any thoughts?